Maria Diavati Language School

Innovative interactive language learning experiences in an inquiry-based environment that build student confidence
Μαρία Διαβάτη - Ξένες Γλώσσες & Σχολική Μελέτη | Κορωπί - Online

Program Description

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Maria Diavati Language School.

Students at our school benefit from language instruction and content and cultural immersion in our CLIL-focused community.

The CLIL approach does not only focus on language competence but also on content delivery that enhances the development of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

In CLIL lessons, our teachers adopt different strategies such as project-based and task-based learning, group activities, and simulation and immersive activities through our virtual reality sessions.

Through CLIL, our school promotes deeper learning improving learners’ autonomy, cultivating their learning ability and thus achieving effective language learning. Different from surface learning, a learner who participates in deeper learning can acquire long-lasting knowledge.

At Maria Diavati Language School, we are committed to the development of language learning in a supportive environment where students are engaged and motivated to persist and succeed.

Our Vision

Maria Diavati Language School envisions a community of language learners in which all students are well prepared for engagement in our linguistically and culturally diverse global communities.

Our Mission

The central mission of the language school is to provide high-quality instruction in second language learning that promotes global communication.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative interactive language learning experiences in an inquiry-based environment that build student confidence. This is accomplished through a differentiated in-depth, skills-based curriculum.

Languages Taught

Greek, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian

Μαρία Διαβάτη - Ξένες Γλώσσες & Σχολική Μελέτη | Κορωπί - Online

Our Goals

Through an array of successfully proven approaches and methodologies Maria Diavati Language School seeks to accomplish the following specific goals:

These goals are accomplished by teachers and administration engaged in ongoing professional development and committed to the success of all language learners. We remain focused on the continuous improvement of our institute to better serve our mission.

Building independent and creative thinkers

Maria Diavati Language School


Maria Diavati graduated with a scholarship from the Department of English Language and Literature (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – NKUoA) to continue with her master’s degree in translation.

She continued her education with TESOL from the University of CAMBRIDGE and with CertTESOL from the University of TRINITY, an internationally recognised certificate related to effective teaching principles.

She has a certificate from the HARVARD Business School in the field of Organizational Leadership and continues with the next MBA degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Cumbria.

Maria has over twenty-five years of experience in teaching and designing courses in Greece and England. She is an examiner, director of studies and course coordinator at the Diavati Maria Foreign Language School.

As a visionary and innovative educator, she brought the experience of VR and AR reality in effective English learning, for the first time in a stable and well-equipped classroom in Attica, winning her first international award for the integration of technology in teaching.

At the same time, she designed and developed the pioneering CLIL-to-Succeed language learning framework, which has been awarded in international competitions for Innovation in Education.

Enhanced CLIL-to-Succeed combined with Virtual Reality technology (VR) is her latest achievement in education. For the implementation of the program, she created classrooms without walls (using community facilities as learning resources.)

She believes that education should liberate children and, above all, promote free thought. She loves to read, travel, watch movies, drink hot chocolate but above all to evolve since as an eternal student herself she considers education and self-improvement a way of life!

Maria Diavath
Director of Studies (DoS)

We spend a great amount of time and energy ensuring our curriculum is exciting, thoroughly planned and well resourced so that it provides our students with the skills and knowledge they will need for their future success in a changing world